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Raceline | Monster Beadlocks | Aluminum | RT233

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  • RT233 Monster Cast Beadlocks | Aluminum Wheels (RT233)
  • RT233 Monster Cast Beadlocks | Aluminum Wheels (RT233)
  • RT233 Monster Cast Beadlocks | Aluminum Wheels (RT233)
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Raceline RT233 Monster Cast Beadlocks

Raceline is out of inventory until July. An awesome alternative and similar wheel is the RT951 [here]

Raceline Monster Series competition beadlocks are designed and built specifically for off-road racing.

The monster series is built from premium cast or high strength forged aluminum.

Raceline has been a leader in off-road racing beadlocks for years, producing one of the nations most durable and proven beadlock wheel in the market. From the Baja 1000, to King of the Hammers, you will not be disappointed when you purchase these wheels from Reno Off Road.

Custom Options: (+55.00)

Blanks and are then custom CNC machined with the bolt pattern, lug nut style, center bore diameter, and backspacing that our customers need.

Contact us for any custom ordering.

To order - Choose the wheel size from the drop down, and add to cart. 

If you have any questions please email or call and we will be glad to help.  775-553-8333

- Center caps not included

Rim BP Offset BS Item Number
17X9.5 5X4.5 -32 4 RT233-79512-32
17X9.5 5X5 -32 4 RT233-79550-32
17X9.5 5X5.5 -32 4 RT233-79555-32
17X9.5 5X6.5 -32 4 RT233-79556-32
17X9.5 6X5.5 -32 4 RT233-79560-32
17X9.5 6X5.31 -32 4 RT233-79565-32
17X9.5 8X6.5 -32 4 RT233-79580-32
17X9.5 8X6.69 -32 4 RT233-79581-32
17X9.5 5X5 -19 4.5 RT233-79550-19
17X9.5 8X6.5 -19 4.5 RT233-79580-19
17X9.5 5X5.5 DBP -32 4 RT233-79555-D-32
17X9.5 6X5.5 DBP -32 4 RT233-79560-D-32
17X9.5 6X6.5 DBP -32 4 RT233-79566-D-32
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Warranty Information


Raceline warrants to the original retail purchaser that products manufactured by Raceline will be structurally free from defects in material and workmanship under normal and intended use for the life of the product. The period of warranty for chrome plating and painted finishes is ONE year from the date of purchase. The warranty does not cover surface rust or pitting. Raceline’s SOLE AND EXCLUSIVE OBLIGATION UNDER this warranty shall be to repair or replace at Raceline’s or an authorized dealer’s sole discretion. To initiate a warranty claim, the original purchaser shall return the wheel for visual inspection to the retail or wholesale dealer where the product was originally purchased; along with a copy of the original receipt. If the dealer determines that the wheel is covered under this warranty, the wheel will be repaired or replaced by the dealer. Such repair or replacement shall not include the cost of shipping, removal, installation or re-installation of the wheel.

Please refer to Recommended Wheel Care Instructions below for correct wheel maintenance.

· Damage or structural failure occurs as the result of road conditions or an accident.

· Damage occurs due to neglect or adverse weather conditions.

· The wheels have been altered or repaired other than by Raceline/Allied Wheel Components or installed on customized vehicles (i.e., non-original equipment, or non-OEM parts).

· Damage resulted from improper mounting, excessive vehicle loads, and/or incorrect tire sizes.

Raceline hereby disclaims all other express or implied warranties of merchantability and use for a particular purpose, to the extent the laws of the State of sale and Federal laws allow. This warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may also have other rights under state laws. No Employee or Representative of Raceline or Allied Wheel Components is authorized to modify or alter this limited warranty, or any of the disclaimers contained herein, in any manner whatsoever. This warranty expires upon transfer of title of any Raceline product by the original retail purchaser. Wheels which are purchased by our dealers as blems are not eligible for any warranty adjustments.

All Raceline orders will be accepted with the understanding that the purchaser is entirely responsible for having all tie rods, springs, frame, fender, calipers and disc brake clearance checked upon final inspection and prior to mounting tires on the wheels. Load ratings should always be considered. The load and cold inflation pressures imposed on the custom wheel must not exceed the recommended maximum load rating of the wheel even though the tire may be approved for a heavier load.


Recommended Wheel Care Instructions

· Never wash your wheels when they are still hot from driving. Do not attempt to cool hot wheels with water as this may cause damage to the finish and can warp the brake rotors and/or drums.

· Wheels should be cleaned weekly by hand with mild soap and water to remove any contaminants such as road grime, salt, ice/snow melting chemicals, dirt, and brake dust.

· Automatic spray and touch free car washes do not completely remove contaminants and can cause harm to the finish hand washing with mild soap and water is recommended on a weekly basis.

· Avoid using automatic car washes as the cleaning agents and brushes used to clean tires can damage the wheel surface and do not effectively clean the contaminants off of the wheels.

· Many areas of the country use road salts and chemicals during the winter months that can cause adverse effects on your wheels, it is recommended to clean more frequently during this season. Failure to do so will reduce the life of the wheels.

· Chrome plated wheels, clean by applying a simple cleaning solution such as mild dish soap and water, and then dry with a soft cloth. For Chrome finish, apply a coat of soft, non-abrasive cream wax or wheel seal to help prevent surface corrosion.

IMPORTANT: All warranty returns must be accompanied with a Return Merchandise Authorization Number (RMA#) and upon receipt will be reviewed by Raceline’s Warranty Return Center. If returned products are found not to be subject to warranty coverage, the product will be returned to the sender, without repair or replacement, at the senders expense.


Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We accept returns on unused products, buyers have decided against after receiving, on a case-by-case basis.

Contact us if you ordered a product that you have since decided against, and we will do our very best to get it returned or exchanged.

Any unused merchandise in the original packaging may be returned within 10 days of the original purchase date, or received date depending on the shipping timeline. There are no returns on electrical items, special orders such as build to order products. Discontinued items will be evaluated to determine if the product can be returned. No returns will be accepted of damaged (by user) or used items.

Return request need to be submitted using the attached form, so we can issue an RMA. Please include original packaging and a copy of your invoice or receipt.

For more information or any other questions you may have, please call us at 1-75-553-8333 or email during normal business hours 8:00am to 5:00pm PST Monday to Friday

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