Aluminum - Finned - Valve Covers With Hardware And Gaskets (EMPI)

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  • Aluminum - Finned - Valve Covers


1962-1979 Finned Aluminum Valve Covers 1200cc - 1600cc
If you are tired of your bland, and dirty Valve Covers, upgrade to our Aluminum Finned Valve Cover replacements. The surface of the fins are polished against a black background. These performance Valve Covers are Finned for extra cooling. Reusable stud seals establishes a tight seal around the bolt head to prevent leaking. This Finned Aluminum Valve Cover set allows clearance for "hi-ratio" rocker arms, and has boss that can be drilled for venting to a breather box. Installation on 67 and prior Beetle may require trimming of the body for clearance.

  • Cast Aluminum
  • Finned
  • Easy Bolt on Design
  • Includes Hardware

Also known as part number 00-8852-0.

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