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Yokohama Shaved Y720 Off-Road Tires 7.00-15LT

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The Yokohama 700x15 front tire is the choice for off-road buggies. The preferred tires by off-road desert racers in classes such as class 9 / class 1600 and more.

Shaved front tires remove the bite the tires have when taking hard turns, when the side-wall grabs the edge of the road. This type of bite traction causes a vibration in the steering wheel, especially for those without power steering. The traction can also make a vehicle more prone to roll-over in high speed race style situations, so many owners prefer the shaved version. It also reduces weight.

Tire Details:

  • Tire Size: 7.00-15
  • Yokohama's Tire Number: y720
  • Suggested Rim Width: 5.0 to 6.5
  • Overall Width: 7.5
  • Overall Diameter: 29.8

One of our mottos is “we use what we sell” and this is one of them. We have been running this tire on our latest dual sport buggy for the last 6 years. That is how much we like them.

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