Wilwood UTV Big Brake Kit | Front Brakes | For Can Am UTVs


Wilwood UTV6 Front Brake Kit.

Go Big !! With Wilwood’s matched front and rear UTV brake kits, featuring dynamically-mounted rotors and upgraded calipers for popular side-by-side machines.

The Wilwood kits combine fixed mount multi-piston calipers with greater clamping force, and larger diameter floating rotors for more brake torque, improving braking on higher-powered UTVs.
Forged aluminum differential-bore four and six piston calipers reduce deflection and provide more uniform engagement to increase braking force and improve feel.
High-friction steel rotors, are up to 20% greater in diameter and thicker for less distortion.
Dynamically mounted rotors reduce thermal stress and prevent piston knockback from rough terrain.

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