Piston & Cylinder Set, 92mm, 1835cc

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  • Piston & Cylinder Set, 92mm, 1835cc



1962-1979 Piston and Cylinder Set 92mm 1835cc-2287cc

  • Piston & Cylinder Set
  • 92mm
  • 1835cc

Air Cooled VW Piston & Cylinder Set, 92mm, 1835cc ("Big Bore" Forged Pistons, Requires Machining) 

From rebuilding a stock Air Cooled VW 1200cc to making a powerful, 1800cc big bore engine, we have the Volkswagen Pistons, Cylinders and Rings you need. VW Bus drivers, you can choose from 1700, 1800, or 2000 cc pistons and cylinders. Get the most out of your rebuilt VW Bug, Ghia, or Bus Engine with these top quality pistons and cylinders.

Tech Note: Air Cooled VW Pistons need to be installed in a specific position. This is usually marked on the top of the piston. Please be sure to install your new pistons with the arrow pointing towards the flywheel.


  • Standard Beetle (1966 - 1977)
  • Bus (1963 - 1971)
  • Type 3 (1962 - 1973)
  • Super Beetle (1971 - 1979)
  • Ghia (1966 - 1974)
  • Off Road (None - None)


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