Freeway Flyer IRS Transaxle, 12 Volt Housing 200mm Flywheel

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  • Freeway Flyer IRS Transaxle
  • 12 Volt Housing
  • 200mm Flywheel

Each unit features:
◾  Thoroughly cleaned and inspected outer cases
◾  New synchronizer rings, tapered roller and needle bearings
◾  Higher Gear Ratio of 3:88 compared to 4:12 or 4:37 Stock
◾  Stock Gear Ratio leaves you with 3500 RPM @ 65mph, with a Freeway Flyer Transaxle with 3:88 Gear Ratio you can run at 75mph at the same 3500 RPM
◾  Increased Freeway Speeds
◾  Replaced or remachined shifting forks, gear assemblies, gear carrier bushings and hub assemblies
◾  1st through 4th gear sliders get remachined to OEM specs.
◾  Clutch release cross-shaft, spring retainers and bushings inspected and replaced if necessary
◾  All new gaskets and oil seals
◾  After assembly, the transaxle is tested for leaks and easy shifting.
◾  12 Month 12,000 Mile Warranty


  • Ghia (1967 - 1968)
  • Off Road (None - None)
  • Standard Beetle (1967 - 1968)

Availability: This item ships direct from the manufacturer.
Normally Ships in 30-45 Days.

Refundable Core Charge: $250.00.  Core charge is refundable upon receipt of your existing transaxle core.

To get a refund, you must contact Reno Off-Road within 60 days of your order date, or receipt of your new transmission, which ever comes first.

We will then provide shipping location and details on how and where to return your core, for a refund. 



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