EMPI Carburetor | 30 pct-1 | 12 Volt Electric Choke (EMPI)

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  • EMPI Carburetor - 30 Pict


  • EMPI Carburetor
  • 30 Pict
  • With 12 Volt Electric Choke

For Air Cooled VW Motors.

Applicable Years:

  • Karmann Ghia 1956-196
  • 5Split Window Bus 1950-1962
  • Standard Beetle 1952-1965

Carburetor 30 PICT -1 with 12 Volt Electric Choke

Ever wonder how long your 45+ year old carb should be lasting you, or if it is just had too much and needs to be replaced?

Reason they wear out over the years is because, when you push down o the throttle, the throttle shaft wears against the carburetor body creating friction and wear. After years of this, the wear between the shaft and body allows air to slip through the gap entering the engine. This old carburetor has no way to adjust for this un-metered air, throwing the idle fuel mixture so far out of adjustment that you will never be able to get the car to idle properly once it has warmed up. The only answer? You need to buy a 100% new carburetor.

  • Gasket and studs included
  • Carburetor, 30 Pict 1 Electric Choke
  • Main Jet is 323356 at 112.5
  • All EMPI Carbs have been test run
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