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Custom Molded Ear Buds by Rugged Radio

Replacement Challenger Semi-Custom Ear Buds

These custom ear molds will provide you with the perfect fit for optimum comfort and audio performance. When you choose to have a custom mold, it will provide a better seal against exterior noise which helps improve listening quality. And because the molds are shaped to your own ear, they are less likely to fall out. Custom ear molds are the ideal solution for serious racers seeking clear, reliable, and comfortable audio.

The custom ear mold kit comes complete with impression material and instructions to produce your own ear molds.

This specialty kit includes the custom ear mold kit and Challenger-II ear buds (after Rugged Radio applies your custom molds).

When you complete your impression, simply return the molds back to Rugged Radios where we will merge the molds with our Challenger-II earbuds to provide the best in racing audio performance.

Included in the Kit:
• (1) syringe
• (3) sets of 2-part impression material
• (3) pairs of Oto blocks
• Impression instructions
• Challenger-II Ear Buds (shipped after we apply your custom molds)

IMPORTANT:  Allow 3-4 weeks turnaround once molds are received at Rugged Radios. Customer is responsible for all shipping charges.


How the Process Works:

Attached are your Ear Mold Impression instructions. Please read thoroughly.

  • Create your ear mold impressions.


  • Send the molds back to Rugged Radios:

        Rugged Radios
        951 E. Grand Avenue
        Arroyo Grande, CA

  • Rugged Radios will produce Challenger-II buds with your custom ear molds and ship your custom earbuds to you. Please allow up to 3 weeks turnaround once your molds are received at Rugged Radios
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