Ford Dana 60 Disc Brake Conversion Kit | Rear Axle | 77'-84'

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  • 14 Bolt Disc Brake Conversion Kit (SRW) by: RuffStuff
  • 14 Bolt Disc Brake Conversion Kit (SRW) by: RuffStuff



Ford Dana 60 Full Float 77-84 Rear Axle Disc Brake Kit

Our disc brake conversion kits are the best conversion to eliminate drum brakes, in many cases it is less expensive to switch to disc brakes than to rebuild drum brakes. Changing from drum brakes to disc brakes is easy, and all the parts you need to complete the conversion and get rid of those heavy drum brakes are included in this kit. In the end you will have an axle that stops better, is easier to maintain, and weighs a lot less.

The Ford full float Dana 60 axle is common in Ford full size trucks from 1977 until the late 80's 3/4 ton and 1 ton range. Some D60 axles have a large lip at the flange so double check the diameter as these brackets are radiused at 3 15/16". These will only work on a '77 and newer Ford rear D60 axle but we have seen some old runs of the older D60 make it into a newer truck. Best way to tell is measure the 4 bolt flange bolt spacing, if they are all equally spaced you will want the 76 and older brackets


  • Requires single steel wheel 15" with a maximum 4" back spacing or larger for aluminum wheels

Complete Kit Includes:

  • 1 Pair Ford D60 Rear Disc Brake Brackets
  • 2 Weld on Brake Line Tabs
  • 2 Brake Line Clips
  • 2 Brake Calipers
  • 2 Hydraulic Hoses with 10mm Banjo Bolt Fittings (Your hard line requires a 3/8-24" inverted flare fitting for these hoses to bolt to)
  • 4 New Brake Pads
  • 2 New Rotor


  • If longer studs are needed, usually dually studs are long enough. Double check stud diameter, studs should drop freely into the rotor. DO NOT press studs into the rotor. If your hub has too large of studs you will need to drill the rotors to accept them. Be sure to have minimum 5/8" lug nut thread engagement
  • Rotor installs onto the backside of the hub
  • This is for Full Float axles only, does not work on Semi Float
  • Don't forget to re-bleed your brakes once you've installed your new conversion kit.
  • A Proportioning Valve is recommended, this will allow you to fine tune your front/rear stopping power bias. Your front axle should always do about 70% of the work.
  • The brake bracket mounts inboard of the 4 bolt flange with the bend going towards the wheel


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