Raceline Beadlocks | 20x10 | Avenger Cast Aluminum | RT260 Black Accent / Machined

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  • Raceline | Avenger Cast Aluminum Beadlocks | RT260 AL Wheels | 20x10 (RT260-20x10)
  • Raceline | Avenger Cast Aluminum Beadlocks | RT260 AL Wheels | 20x10 (RT260-20x10)
  • Raceline | Avenger Cast Aluminum Beadlocks | RT260 AL Wheels | 20x10 (RT260-20x10)
  • Raceline | Avenger Cast Aluminum Beadlocks | RT260 AL Wheels | 20x10 (RT260-20x10)



Raceline RT260 AL Avenger | Heavy Duty Cast Aluminum Beadlocks | Aluminum Ring

  • Size: 20x10 
  • Backspace: 4"
  • Lug Pattern: 8 on 6.5
  • 32 bolt beadlock system

Raceline Avenger Series competition beadlocks are designed and built specifically for off-road racing.

The Avenger is built from premium heavy cast or high strength forged aluminum blanks and are then custom CNC machined with the bolt pattern, lug nut style, center bore diameter, and backspacing that our customers need.

Raceline has been a leader in off-road racing beadlocks for years, producing one of the nations most durable and proven beadlock wheel in the market.

From the Baja 1000, to King of the Hammers, you will not be disappointed when you purchase these wheels from Reno Off Road.

Note - Center caps and lug nuts NOT included.

Allow 5-7 days for machine & lug pattern drilling before they ship. 

If you have any questions please email or call and we will be glad to help.  775-553-8333

Other Size Options:

Part #RingWheel SizeBolt PatternOffset (mm)Back Space (Inch)Hub Bore
RT260-77512-06-AL Aluminum Ring 17x7.5 5x4.5 -6 4 3.3
RT260-77550-06-AL Aluminum Ring 17x7.5 5x5 -6 4 3.3
RT260-77555-06-AL Aluminum Ring 17x7.5 5x5.5 -6 4 4.25
RT260-77565-06-AL Aluminum Ring 17x7.5 6x135 -6 4 3.429
RT260-77560-06-AL Aluminum Ring 17x7.5 6x5.5 -6 4 4.25
RT260-77512-12-AL Aluminum Ring 17x7.5 5x4.5 -12 3.75 3.3
RT260-77550-12-AL Aluminum Ring 17x7.5 5x5 -12 3.75 3.3
RT260-77555-12-AL Aluminum Ring 17x7.5 5x5.5 -12 3.75 4.25
RT260-77565-12-AL Aluminum Ring 17x7.5 6x135 -12 3.75 3.429
RT260-77560-12-AL Aluminum Ring 17x7.5 6x5.5 -12 3.75 4.25
RT260-77512-19-AL Aluminum Ring 17x7.5 5x4.5 -19 3.5 3.3
RT260-77550-19-AL Aluminum Ring 17x7.5 5x5 -19 3.5 3.3
RT260-77555-19-AL Aluminum Ring 17x7.5 5x5.5 -19 3.5 4.25
RT260-77565-19-AL Aluminum Ring 17x7.5 6x135 -19 3.5 3.429
RT260-77560-19-AL Aluminum Ring 17x7.5 6x5.5 -19 3.5 4.25



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