Mickey Thompson Mini-Mag Tire E78 x 15 Tubeless

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  • Mickey Thompson Mini-Mag Tire E78 x 15 Tubeless

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Mickey Thompson Mini-Mag Tire E78 x 15 Tubeless.

  • Designed for Desert Racing
  • Tough Bias Belted Construction
  • Superior Strength and Impact Resistance
  • Anti-Cut Compound

Mickey Thompson are a strong, durable, preferred tire by off-roaders. The unique size makes it a great fit for many off-road vehicles and the weight is a benefit as well.

The tires is bias belted for extra strength and holds strong against impacts. The tire and handle the roughest terrain you can throw at them, and will not let you down.

DOT Approved For Steet

The Classic Mini-Mag front tires is an exceptional great tire for buggies and Baja bugs.

  • Wheel Size 15" x 4" to 6"
  • Height 27"
  • Tread 5.2"


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