Currie RockJock | 60 Rear Axle Housing | Eaton Elocker | 5.13

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  • Currie RockJock | 60 Rear Axle Housing | Eaton Elocker | 5.13 at
  • Currie RockJock | 60 Rear Axle Housing | Eaton Elocker | 5.13 at
  • Currie RockJock | 60 Rear Axle Housing | Eaton Elocker | 5.13 at
  • Currie RockJock | 60 Rear Axle Housing | Eaton Elocker | 5.13 at
  • Currie RockJock | 60 Rear Axle Housing | Eaton Elocker | 5.13 at
  • Currie RockJock | 60 Rear Axle Housing | Eaton Elocker | 5.13 at
  • Currie RockJock | 60 Rear Axle Housing | Eaton Elocker | 5.13 at
  • Currie RockJock | 60 Rear Axle Housing | Eaton Elocker | 5.13 at



  • Dual Bolt Pattern 5x5 1/2" studs installed, 5x5.5 (holes drilled)
  • 68.750" WMS
  • Eaton Elocker - 5.13 ratio
  • Semi-floating, 40-spline (1.7” diameter) axles
  • JK tone rings installed for ABS and ESP retention
  • Stage-1 nodular Iron high-pinion radius bottom center section with thicker walls and webbing
  • 1350 u-joint
  • AR400 hardened steel skid plate
  • Differential cover: Nodular-iron, gasketed fill plug with dipstick, Red
  • Large diameter front pinion bearing matched to rear bearing
  • High volume flow-thru recirculating oil system
  • Standard Dana 60 gear set, compatible with super 60 reverse cut gears
  • 3 inch diameter, .375 wall DOM tube
  • Set 80 tapered roller bearings
  • Heavy gauge 3/16” steel mounting brackets with multiple mounting locations
  • Complete rear axle assembly, reusing only the stock JK rotors, calipers and ABS wheel sensors
  • Recommended maximum 37-inch tire size
  • California Residents: WARNING

Estimated Lead Time - 6 to 8 Weeks

The RockJock 60 high pinion crate axle for the Jeep JK is built to the legendary Currie Standard with a long list of exclusive standard features and innovation that make it the clear choice for serious off-road adventure. Built around the stout Currie radius bottom center section, the RockJock 60 is designed to slide over obstacles with ease.

With its thick reinforced center section, large diameter tubes and semi-floating 40-spline axles, the RockJock 60 rear axle deliver superior strength for years of dependable service. RockJock high-pinion, radius bottom center section greatly improves obstacle slide-over by presenting a smooth curve rather than the sharp edge found on other 60 housings. Highest measured ground clearance of any 60 on the market (and that’s including the integrated skid plate), guess the other guys can’t read a tape measure.

Integrated AR400 hardened steel skid plate resists deformation and gouging to slide over obstacles far better than iron housings or mild steel plates. Large diameter pinion bearings to handle the increased load of reverse geometry gears. High volume flow-thru recirculating oil system keeps pinion bearings bathed in cool oil, reducing operating temperatures and eliminating oil starvation issues. Large 3-inch diameter .375 thick axle tubes deliver superior strength without sacrificing ground clearance or being overweight.

Currie Performance 40-spline 4340 chromemoly semi-floating axles, the largest and strongest standard axle in the industry. Available with: ARB or Eaton Lockers

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Warranty Information

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